Industrial Boilers

We have pumps for feeding boilers, condensate recovery and thermal oil


We have leak-free pumps to pump ammonia and its derivatives

NOx and Emissions Control

We have pumps for gas scrubbing and emission control systems

Insulation Manufacturing

We have leak-free pumps to transport isocyanates and polyols

pharmacy and cosmetics

We have centrifugal and positive displacement pumps for multiple applications, some models FDA certified

Hazardous / Corrosive Fluids

We have pumps designed for dangerous fluids without risk to people or the environment

Chocolate, Sugar, Molasses

We have pumps with special configuration to transport chocolate, molasses and sugar derivatives

Mining industry

We have pumps for clean water, loaded water, corrosive fluids and high pressure applications

Paper / Pulp Manufacturing

We have equipment for cutting cellulose, pumping clean or charged water or chemical products

Water treatment

We have pumps for clean water, wastewater, sludge and chemical products for WWTP and ETAP

Inverse osmosis

We have pumping equipment for reverse osmosis, desalination and water collection

Paints and Varnishes

We have pumps for the production and recirculation of paints, pumping of solvents and thermal fluids

Bituminous Products

We have equipment for pumping asphalt and bituminous products up to 250ºC and thermal fluids

Thermal fluids

We have pumps for thermal oil, superheated water or fluids up to 450ºC

High Pressure Applications

We have industrial or API pumps, for a multitude of high pressure applications

industrial refrigeration

We have pumps for lubricating oil in compressors and recirculation of ammonia or glycol

oil & gas

We have compressors, centrifugal pumps and API positive displacement for multiple applications

Petroleum derivatives

We have compressors and pumps to pump oil derivatives, both in API or industrial version.