Solution to pumping problem in cosmetic company

A company in the cosmetic sector contacted us for advice on a recurring problem in one of its pumping equipment at the plant, as it had a repetitive fault that caused high production processes.

The problem it posed to us was that one of its lobe pumps took a long time to empty the reactor where it was located, and it deteriorated rapidly.

After a visit to the plant and analyzing the application, it was concluded that the problem was in a wrong design of the installation, because due to the nature of the fluid and the suction design, the pump would run out of fluid and work dry, deteriorating its internal components seriously.

The client asked us for a possible solution, which would not lead to modifying the entire installation or changing the manufacturing process, to which we proposed to install a RUBY double diaphragm pneumatic pump, since its suction capacity is high and if it were to work dry does not affect it like other technologies.

The application in question is to transfer from the reactor where an aqueous-oily emulsion is made at a temperature of 55ºC to the reactor where the final product is formulated. When the lobe pump was in perfect condition, they treated more than 2 hours to transfer, with our pneumatic pump they did it in about 15 minutes, without having production stoppages or added costs to the manufacturing process.

RUBY 040-P-TPT-T pump

Size: 1 ½”

Material: Polypropylene, with balls, membranes and joints in PFTE.

Maximum flow: 360 l/min.

Maximum pressure: 7 bar

Aqueous-Oil Emulsion


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